Coils & Transformer India Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wound components and transformers for various industries like Consumer Electronics, Power supplies, Telecommunication, Computers etc. The company has expanded its sphere of operations and introduced a new product range comprising of big ferrite core geometries.

Wound components for various industries like Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications, Computers, Electronic Energy Meter etc.

Current Transformers

 Current transformer accurately measures electrical current.

Power Transformers

Manufacture of high quality power transformer.

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Mr. Neeraj Bharara 

Coils & Transformer India Pvt Ltd 

29-MIE, Industrial Area,

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SMPS Transformers

These are superior quality transformers.

Line Filter Transformers

Line filters possess excellent attenuation characteristics at low frequencies.

Laminated Driver/Transformers  

We can manufacture laminated transformers with input/output specifications.


Choke Coils

Coils & Transformer India Pvt Ltd manufactures and offers a wide range of low cost choke coils.

RFIF Transformers & Coils

RFIF Transformers are used to tune a particular frequency.


Width Coils & Linearity Coils

Width coils are used to maintain width and linearity of a particular picture.

Toroidal Coils & Transformers

We offer a wide range of Toroidal coils with various core sizes.


Mew Metal Based Transformers

Used in Audible Frequency range i.e 20 HZ. to 20 KHz.



Ferrite Based Transformers

Available in all sizes, ferrite based transformers.    




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